Why Consign

We take care of all the details and do most of the work for you! We advertise and promote the event throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania to reach lots of potential buyers. You do not have to be at the event to sell your items! Just choose the items you would like to sell, prepare them, and drop them off. We'll do the rest! All consignors automatically earn 60% of their items that sell.


At RUMC’s Children’s Consignment Sale:

YOU set the price! You are in control of how much the item sells for. Normally consignment shops decide how much an item is worth.

YOU receive 60% of the sale price. Consignment shops typically offer only 40-50%.

We have a line of shoppers wrapped around the building waiting to get in when the sale opens. Clothes at consignment shops may take months to sell and there is limited consumer traffic.

YOU will receive a check within a month of the sale! We will send it to you, no follow-up needed!