Preparing Your Items

The Consignment Sale will be set-up similar to a retail store. Presentation is a MUST! Prepare your items so that they are appealing to buyers. Think: "Would I buy this for my children?"

At the very least, you need to:

-Wash all clothing.

-Wipe down all equipment and toys.

-Inspect all items for stains, rips, tears or damage.

-Make sure all parts are included and in working order.

-Include the manuals or instructions if you have them.

-Test any electronic items. Batteries must be included.

-Please do NOT tape over barcodes on toys, games, books, equipment, etc.

Our sale is NOT a garage sale and we pride ourselves on the fact that we only sell the best products to our customers. Plus, proper presentation of your items helps YOU! The cleaner, better and more complete your items look, the better chance they have of selling at our event.

Price your items TO SELL. Use the philosophy "everything must go". The pricing rule of thumb is 40-50% off the retail price for baby equipment, 25-80% off for clothing and 20-75% off for toys and books. Items that are brand new and still have tags can be priced slightly higher. Price it fair enough that it has a good possibility of being sold in the first hour!

Upscale & Boutique items (eg: Janie & Jackie, Lilly Pulitzer, Hartstrings, Polo) should be priced higher than chain Stores (Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, The Children's Place, Babies R Us).

Supplies You Will Need

1. Hangers: Hangers are mandatory!! You can get these from any local dry cleaner for free or a small price. You can also purchase them very cheaply at Walmart, Target, etc. Many department stores will also give you hangers (especially from the children's section).

2. Cardstock Paper: Please make sure that your tag paper consists of only white or cream colored cardstock . You must use cardstock paper (at least 60# or 65# cardstock). This can be purchased at Staples or Office Max for about $15.00 for 250 sheets. Regular white copy paper will NOT be accepted because they easily tear and get lost during sales. Tags will be printed 6 to a page. Do not double-side print.

3. Safety pins: To secure pants and other clothing to hangers and to attach price tags. You can also use a tagging gun to secure tags, but safety pins must be used to secure clothing to hangers. Straight pins are not acceptable.

4. Clear Packing Tape: To secure tags to toys, books and other items where pins do not work. Please remember not to cover barcode with tape.

5. Zip top bags: To put small parts/accessories in. 

Preparing Clothing Items

*Button all buttons! Zipper all zippers! Snap all snaps! Make your clothes look as store-presentable as possible.

1. Wash/freshen all clothing items. We highly recommend ironing all clothes, but if this is not possible, throw them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet to get out any wrinkles and give them a nice clean smell before hanging them.

2. Hang items on a hanger with the hook facing left like a question mark.

3. Pin pants, skirts and shorts on both sides to the top portion of the hanger so they hang straight. Do not fold over the hanger as they will fall to the floor.

4. Sort and group all clothing by size and gender. Rubber bands and twist ties work well to transport sorted clothing.

NOTE: The minimum price on clothing is $1.00. You can combine items together on one hanger to make a complete outfit if you like. Example: Put 2 or 3 onesies or add in a coordinating hat to an outfit or garment. If you bought the items as an outfit, include them on the hanger this way, pinning the accessories to the hanger or garment. This will yield you a higher price.

Preparing Toys

Toys that are currently popular, in the original packaging, brand name (ie: Melissa & Doug, Fisher Price, Hasbro) and/or in new or excellent condition can be priced slightly higher.

1. Clean all toys with Clorox, wet wipes or Magic Eraser. The cleaner the toy, the better the chance it sells!

2. Check and/or replace batteries. Items will not be accepted if they do not work.

3. Put any small/corresponding parts in a zip top bag and tape to the item.

4. Affix tag with clear packing tape. Tape at least two sides of the tag but do not tape/cover the barcode/bottom of tag.

*Instruction Manuals help sell an item. If you no longer have it, consider downloading the manual from the company's website and attaching to the item in a zip top bag.

Preparing Video Game Systems

1. Verify system is working.

2. Put any chargers/controllers/instruction manual, misc. parts in a Zip top bag and tape to the unit.

3. Affix tag with clear packing tape. Tape at least two sides of the tag but do not cover the barcode.

*Instruction Manuals help sell an item. If you no longer have it, consider downloading from the company's website and attaching to the item.

Preparing Books

1. Affix tag with clear packing tape to the front of book. Tape at least two sides of the tag but do not cover/tape the barcode/bottom of tag.

2. If you want to sell several books together for one price, place in a zip top bag or use a large rubber band to secure together. Book bundles are great sellers! Just remember to place tag on the outside of the bag and do not cover the barcode with tape.

Preparing Shoes

1. Shoes should be priced low (between $2-$4) unless they are brand-new.

2. Clean shoes (the magic eraser works great) and tie laces of left and right shoe together.

Preparing Equipment

1. Do a little comparative research on ebay and Craigslist to see what similar items are selling for! High-dollar items (strollers, swings, pack & plays, etc.) typically sell well at 40%-50% off retail pricing. If in excellent condition, these items hold their value very well.

2. Clean equipment with Clorox, wet wipe and/or Magic Eraser. The cleaner it is, the better it sells!

3. Affix tag with clear packing tape to item if there is nowhere to utilize a safety pin. Tape at least two sides of the tag but do not cover/tape the barcode/tag bottom.

*Instruction Manuals help sell an item. If you no longer have it, consider downloading one from the company's website and attaching it to the item in a Ziploc bag

Preparing CDs/DVDs

1. Ensure that CD or DVD works.

2. Place CD or DVD in storage case. If you do not have the original case, consider purchasing generic cases. These can be purchased at any office store or department stores that have a video department such as Target, Wal-Mart, etc.