Items We Do Not Accept

Our mission is to only offer the best, most high quality items to our customers. Please do not consign anything you would not use or wear yourself.

The following items will not be accepted:

-Crib or toddler bed mattresses

-Maternity clothes

-Toys or games with missing pieces

-Clothing that is outdated, has tears, stains, and/or holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, covered in pet hair, etc

-Any item that has an offensive odor (smoke, pets, mildew)


-Socks, bathing suits

-Hair accessories of any kind, bows, barrettes, bands



-Stuffed Animals

-Breast Pump Accessories/Parts that touch the milk or body . Breast Pumps (mechanical parts only) are accepted.

If you are not sure if an item you have will be accepted for sale, please contact us.